Russell J. Logan
Memorial Photo Album

Picnicking near Manchester, VT, 1986

Danby, Vermont 1986

Aunt Carol, Harriett, Bobby, Dad, and Uncle John at Danby, 1986

back when there was a lakeif the contraption is a piece of art, its mowing should be too
feeding the goslings and walking up the grassless highway at Chatham Road, c. 1986

guess what I did todayso, do you think we can keep it alive for another 20 years?
Dad and Rob (nee Bobby)

So, Muz, you wanted us to pose?
Cross-country skiing on the golf course, c. 1987

ok, Muz, take the picture...
snowballs and lacrosse sticks?

Granny and Grampa Murph's 50th wedding anniversary, NC, 1986

boxes within boxes within boxes within...I think this was a missing present Mother unearthed later...
Christmas at Chatham Road, 1986 and 1987


on Wright's Mountain, VT

same mountain, same goofballs

I love this photo

relaxing at East Topsham, VT

South Carolina, 1989

with the Chapmans at Kiawah, 1990

yikes, I remember that hat!

Stuart, Dad, Muz, and me, SC, c. 1994


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