Russell J. Logan
Memorial Photo Album

with the Wrights in Danby, VT, c. 1995
Uncle Dick, Jen, Katherine, Muz.   Stuart and Dad

Handyman at work and play at Danby

picnic with Katherine and Rob at White Rocks, VT

Dad and Stuart, Danby, c. 1994

a Dunham Tavern picnic, 1990s

Harriett, Aunt Susan, Elizabeth and Dad, SC, c. 1996

havoc and water control on the beach

Granny, Dad and Muz in SC, c. 1997

golf carts on the beach, c. 2000

Christmas at Chatham Road

canoeiong in Vermont

Owl's Head, VT, c. 1997

notice the cupholder

the shirt reads "I Like Machines"

teasing Suzie, age 2 and age 3

on a Vermont ferry and on Tucker Mountain, 2000

debating the day's agenda...

with the Chapmans at the Shinn Gold Mine, NC, 2001

checking out Rob's Lancair-in-construction, March 2002

"sure, it'll fly."


thanks, Dad.