Russell J. Logan
Memorial Photo Album

hey, what's this little thingie down here?
Go-Cart trial run, c. 1977

all I remember is that it was very, very hotrough-housing in the kitchenhockey on the lake
Fun and Games at Chatham Road

ok, this was a daring picture to take...
Dad hated this damn orange Astre...  c. 1979

Roughhousing at Ogunquit, Maine, 1982

Big icicles and de-mucking the damn, c. 1979

the contraption and the aftermath...

early office for revenue plating

Deerfield, MI, c. 1982

Grandfather Mountain, NC, 1982In the garage, 1982
with the kids, 1982

The early days of Inovent Engineering, 1985
Clark Hungerford and Russell Logan
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the dimers
The JRCS and Early United States Dimes 1796-1837 authors
Russell J. Logan, David J. Davis, William J. Subjack, Allen F. Lovejoy, John W. McCloskey
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at cousin Susie's wedding, Portland, ME, 1984


same wedding; Dad with Jimmy and Jamie

Stuart, Dad, Harriett, Bobby, Katherine and the RC Boat, c. 1984

All dressed up...  c. 1985

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