Russell J. Logan
Memorial Photo Album

with Bobby, 1965

1966 Thanksgiving

1967 Thanksgiving

the Logan brood at Grammy & Grampa's 45th wedding anniversary, 1969
Top row: Dad, Grampa, Susie, Dick, Jimmy, John
Seated: Brenda, Grammy, Susan, Carol
On the ground: Newton, Bobby, Harriett, Stuart, Elizabeth, Katherine

Bobby and Dad in the Baby Blue StudebakerDad and Bobby building the boat house at Camp
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Harriett & Dad, c. 1973

Tapoco, NC c. 1974
Russell, Harry, Bobby, Brenda, Harriett, Granny & Grampa Murph

the Logans at Grammy & Grampa's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1974

with his parents, c. 1974

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