• Anonymous coward on 2005-Dec-13 19:45:19 Anonymous coward said

    Luv it ears and all
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Feb-07 16:38:39 Anonymous coward said

    what is so SHAME of ussr russia copycat from CONCORDE plane,,,shame shame on russia,,,
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Apr-20 01:40:44 Anonymous coward said

    who is this anti-russia guy with the terrible english anyways....and i suppose the united states has never stolen design technology before, right?
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jun-15 04:45:41 Anonymous coward said

    We never had to steal a design, we'd just steal the designers themselves
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jul-11 19:37:34 Anonymous coward said

    that is even worse...american sucks
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jul-13 13:57:12 Anonymous coward said

    Pfft. Good deal, eh?

    The us steals scientists form the ussr, and the ussr steals the finished blueprints.
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Feb-12 13:15:11 Anonymous coward said

    a little late
    This plane actually flew before the concord so get off the who stole what kick already.
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Jul-15 23:29:58 Anonymous coward said

    This plane didn't flew before the Concorde. you don't need to lie, it is still a fantastic plane. Both Concord ant Concorsky where beautifull it was a shame The USA so Jealous forbid them to fly over their territory.
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Apr-22 16:39:08 Anonymous coward said

    Grib - TU-144 did fly before Concord and it was faster and larger.
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-May-17 02:13:48 Anonymous coward said

    um im sorry yanks you can get your hands of your little dicks. concorde was british, french, what are you even talking for. go home
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Jul-02 13:29:33 Anonymous coward said

    SUCK IT UP! NASA flew the Tu-144LL 19 times in June 1996 to Feb 1998 to develop technologies for a proposed future second-generation supersonic airliner. This is a joint Russian and American aerospace indutry project, So what do you think, SUCK IT UP! and ladies get facts straight
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Aug-27 20:28:22 Anonymous coward said

    Thank You Ausy, finally someone said it, the Concorde is NOT american. I do still agree that Russia does copy quiet a few planes, but this is not american, so u can stop bashing each other about america fools.
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Aug-27 20:29:11 Anonymous coward said

    Though some russian copies look really nice, like i like the "ears" on the tu-144 but the engines off the concorde. maybe they should put them together. And of course russians don't copy everything eg. eukranoplans, americans didn't know what they were when they saw them.
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Aug-27 20:29:44 Anonymous coward said

    So russians copy the best, and so this should only be flattering that they like it enough to copy it. anyway i guess i have said enough.
  • Anonymous coward on 2009-Feb-13 07:56:44 Anonymous coward said

    Copy? Tu-144 take off in 1968 - so, hwo can copy Concord? that first flying at 1969?


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