• Anonymous coward on 2005-Jul-28 05:59:04 Anonymous coward said

    "This is your captain speaking, for those of you on the right hand side , you can now see what I was showing those on the left side!"
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Aug-29 02:00:56 Anonymous coward said

    Is this a picture of the famous barrel roll the Boeing test pilot did with a 707 over the Gold Cup hydroplane race in Seattle back in the '50s ??
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Aug-30 17:54:32 Anonymous coward said

    Yes it was, and that pilots name was Tex johnson
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Oct-29 10:04:04 Anonymous coward said

    I have new-found respect for the 707. :)
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Feb-06 19:19:57 Anonymous coward said

    Its the Boeing 367-80, aka the "Dash-80", the 707 prototype. Tex did the 1G barrel roll twice in both directions over Lake Washington.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jun-22 16:36:09 Anonymous coward said

    Tex Johnson interview... http://www.alexisparkinn.com/photogallery/Videos/707%20Roll.mpg
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Feb-12 14:55:48 Anonymous coward said

    A 1G roll was easy on the airplane, I would have liked to seen a loop.
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Mar-09 05:14:17 Anonymous coward said

    "...and that pilots name was Tex johnson"

    Actually, it's Johnston, with a "t".
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Jun-13 22:51:14 Anonymous coward said

    Kent Brockman
    One of the classic airplane moments, but until now I never knew there were any photos from inside the plane. Anyone know where there are more of them?

    Tex Johnston is a legend 'round these parts, but really any airliner should be able to do this. Not that I'd want to be in one when it did...
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Sep-06 19:15:46 Anonymous coward said

    Good 'ol Tex! No one has the balls to do stuff like that anymore. FAA, terrorists, and just plain stupid people ruin it for the rest of us.


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