Slow Stick X2

My 100" wingspan scratch built Slow Stick powered my a nitro MDS 1.48 motor. What we have here is the Slow Stick X2. It is called the X2 since I just took the measurements from the Stock Slow Stick and multiplied them by 2. Had the airframe finished for a while before deciding on a motor. Was going to go electric with a big AXI and then chickened out and went with a nitro MDS 1.48 with a Pitts style muffler and a 24 oz fuel tank. CG is about 1/3 in from the leading edge. I have not accurately weighed her but I expect it to be under 10 pounds even with full fuel. With the 1.48 and a 16X8 prop, she will honestly take off at idle in about 10 ft. Flight characterisicts are, not surprisingly, very similar to the regular Slow Stick. This plane can cruise around at idle at a high AOA like it is going to stall but just doesnt even at high bank angles. Here is a 22meg unedited VIDEO of its maiden flight.


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