Cessna 022


  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Oct-24 14:54:31 Anonymous coward said

    From the appearance of the cabin, looks like no one got hurt-at least I hope so. Was recently in an accident where we slid off the end of a wet grass strip- some damage to a wing and propeller, but no one was injured.
  • Matt Bailey on 2005-Jan-13 03:03:20 Matt Bailey said

    No accident...well one back in the 60's but she has flow a thousand or so hours since then. Wings were removed for a restoration that didnt get finished. This photo was taken in the Bay Area at the begining of a trip to North Plains, OR.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Oct-24 12:45:12 Anonymous coward said

    hey there. saw ya out at twin oaks. I'll be out there all week. drop by and we'll sort things out.
  • Anonymous coward on 2008-Sep-12 17:32:54 Anonymous coward said

    John Darden
    My '57 N6464B apparenlty went thorugh two mishaps - one in '60 and another in aobut '82. The first lists the reason in the logs and the second lists only the repairs. Eventually I will need to undertake your project, but for now it flies great - but slow.
  • DARRELL FLACHS on 2010-Nov-23 17:34:59 DARRELL FLACHS said

    HEY I GOT SOME INFO ON YOUR CESSNA N8363B i live in michigan and have the tail from the crash in the 1960's the sticker on the tail says july 1 1966 i have been cleaning around my aunts farm and found it in a pile of scrap metal in the woods my uncle passed away recently his father was a pilot and some of the other airplane parts i found [a elevator to a Swift] have been around the farm for years. i thought maybe you would find it interesting,i did. My dad flew alot when i was younger he still has a taylorcraft l-2 though its been sitting in the pole barn for 10 years at least and hasnt moved. i have some pictures of your cessnas tail with the n number on it i can text them to you if ya want do you know any of the previous owners especially around cedar springs ,michigan?


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