Lost Nation Regional Aviation Association

1885 Lost Nation Road
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
Voice: 216-975-5459
Fax: 216-269-2323

Our gole is to continue communicating the importance of the Lost Nation Airport to the people making the immediate and future decisions: Willoughby City Council and Lake County Commissioners. Also, communicate to everyone the existence of LNRAA and ask them to support us.

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Issue #7

1st Qtr., 1999

CALL FOR TRUSTEES -- The two year term of the current trustees will expire in May of this year. We are looking for any interested individuals that would like to help achieve the goal of the association, which is to regionalize the Lost Nation Airport, and by so doing, stabilize it for the long term. Please submit your name in writing to us at our new address: Attn: LNRAA, Cast Nylons, Ltd., 4300 Hamann Parkway, Willoughby, OH 44094. Please note that the address in the masthead above is not current, and our new phone number is 440-269-2300.

ANNUAL MEETING -- Mark your calendars for May. We will be sending a slate of trustees out to you all in April, and we will elect trustees at the annual meeting. We will also give you a full update on the state of the association at that time, and the state of LNN. We will be holding it in the LNA hangar, with coffee and donuts for all.

LOST NATION IS A HAPPENING PLACE THIS SUMMER -- For all of you that haven't heard, the Air Race Classic has its finish planned at LNN. This is a women's air race that starts in El Paso, TX, goes all the way to Toronto, Canada, and ends at LNN. The Air Race Classic is a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the first Women's Air Derby which also ended in Cleveland. This should be an exciting time to be at LNN. The racers are limited to using stock airplanes of 145-520hp, and they handicap them based upon engine size and aircraft. They will be landing at LNN between June 23-25, so plan to come by and join the fun, meet the pilots, and see some great planes. If you want more details please contact Connie Luhta at 216-623-1111. The women racers all then head down to see the new International Women's Air and Space Museum at Burke Lakefront, and you should too. Connie Luhta, local airport owner and pilot and IWASM president, was instrumental in getting the museum brought to Burke from its old home in Centerville, Ohio, which is just too small. Stop in to see the museum the next time you are downtown; they have quite a display.

AND THE BOY SCOUTS CAMPERALL also comes to LNN on May 14, 15 and 16. This is a Boy Scout event that is held in different part of northeast Ohio every two years. Over two thousand boys and their scoutmasters will be camping out on the LNN grounds for the weekend. Gary Swanson, one of our trustees, is in charge of this event. Anyone who wants to help Gary in his endeavors to educate the boys in any aviation area may call him at 440-639-8325.

OUR TREASURER reports a cash balance as at March 19, 1999 of $4,206.49, with no liabilities.