Lost Nation Regional Aviation Association

1885 Lost Nation Road
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
Voice: 216-975-5459
Fax: 216-269-2323

Our gole is to continue communicating the importance of the Lost Nation Airport to the people making the immediate and future decisions: Willoughby City Council and Lake County Commissioners. Also, communicate to everyone the existence of LNRAA and ask them to support us.

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Issue #6

YES, IT'S BEEN SOME TIME since we sent you a copy of NOTAMS. While a number of things have taken place, we figured most of you learned about them pretty much as we did, and there wasn't all that much we could add to what you already knew. But for those of you who have been in Antarctica or some equally isolated location since May, here's a recap of what's been going on, and a few new things to think about.

AS THE CITY PROMISED...they demolished the Terminal Building and Control Tower. December 7th isn't the only day that should live in infamy. In keeping with the City's long-demonstrated understanding of what airport users really need, they compensated for the destruction of the Terminal Building by putting a trailer along the north parking ramp. If it weren't for pressure from the FAA, even this modest facility wouldn't exist.

BUT, SPORTS FANS, TAKE HEART. The City got the FAA to OK the former Cleveland Jet facility as a Sports Complex. You'll be pleased to learn that the Complex is now properly fenced, per airport regulations. The good news associated with this cozy City/Investor arrangement is that the tax proceeds from the use of this Sports Complex (ticket sales/rentals, etc.) can be used ONLY for airport operations.

NO FIRE SALE, THIS TIME AROUND. The City, relentless rascals as they are, have made a lot of noise in the local paper about using LNN property for a new fire station. No Joy..., says the FAA. The Feds have made it clear that since they OK'd the Sports Complex, there won't be any immediate consideration of further use of aviation-dedicated land for non-aviation use. Note the hedge.."immediate."

WHO DESERVES YOUR VOTE? Here's a no-brainer: Dan Troy and Dale Fellows are running for Lake County Commissioner in the upcoming election. Both candidates addressed LNRAA members during our meetings (see why you should show up for them?). Both say they are committed to keep LNN open as an airport for the long term. Both say they will support all efforts to do so. So in the privacy of your curtained booth, flip the lever that you think will most effectively keep LNN a viable airport.

IF YOU NOTICE SOME NEW BIZ JETS AT LNN it's because of two things: the positive effect of sales efforts by the FBO, and the recognition of LNN's strategic value to local-area industry leaders. Despite the pall of gloom the City continues to spread over the airport, several very pragmatic business leaders are pointedly ignoring the Doom-Sayers. They're now using LNN for the business value it has always provided to anyone who doesn't pursue a political agenda, overt or otherwise. It's nice to see common sense and smart business sense return to action at LNN.

CONGRATS TO GARY SWANSON, one of your association's trustees! AOPA has launched a new program called Airport Support Network, and has appointed Gary to be the ASN Spokesperson for LNN. The ASN charter is to build better communications between every General Aviation airport and the AOPA. They couldn't have picked a better person to represent LNN.

PILOT-CONTROLLED LIGHTS at LNN are now activated by the designated number of mic clicks on 122.725. You used to activate the lights via 120.7. Don't try that anymore.

NEW T-HANGARS A POSSIBILITY. There's a local group actively negotiating with the City to build new T-Hangars at LNN. Plans have been drawn up, specs determined. Negotiating a reasonable lease rate for the property is, of course, the mountain that must be climbed. Given the City's bend-over-backwards assistance with the conversion of the Jet Center to a Sports Complex, you might expect the City to be equally cooperative in this effort to improve-with private funds-the airport. Don't bet on it.

OUR TREASURER reports a cash balance of $4,292.52. The Internal Revenue Service has approved our application for tax-exempt status as a civic league (section 501 (c) (4)). IRS horror stories notwithstanding, their handling of our application was very prompt, courteous, and efficient.

COME JOIN US in our monthly meetings. We typically get together the first Monday of every month at 5PM in the LNA hangar.