Lost Nation Regional Aviation Association

1885 Lost Nation Road
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
Voice: 216-975-5459
Fax: 216-269-2323

Our gole is to continue communicating the importance of the Lost Nation Airport to the people making the immediate and future decisions: Willoughby City Council and Lake County Commissioners. Also, communicate to everyone the existence of LNRAA and ask them to support us.

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Issue #8

1st Qtr., 2000


After several months of confusion, inaction and non communication, we would like to bring you up to date on happenings within LNRAA and at Lost Nation Airport.

You have probably been wondering why you have not heard from anybody. The reason is that for several months there was nobody to talk to you. By now you probably know that Jack Thorp resigned his position with the Association. Jack moved his Bonanza to a T-hanger at CGF and felt that someone with a direct connection at LNN needed to head the group. Truth is, it took quite a while to figure out who that someone would be. In January, the top vote-getters from our last Trustee election met to select officers. So here is the line-up:
Trustees Officers
Ron Bruening (440-942-1298) President - Gary Swanson
Ron Cola (440-946-4782) Vice President - Rick Katai
Fred Fillinger (440-257-5402) Treasurer - Fred Fillinger
Rick Katai (216-486-3594) Secretary - Ron Cola
Gary Swanson (440-639-8325)

We would like to thank Jack Thorp for a job well done. Jack was instrumental in getting the group put together a couple years ago when the city was pushing towards closure, and the airport was getting lots of bad press. Jack saw the need for the users to be heard and spent a lot of time and effort on our behalf. The Trustees and Officers want to hear from you. If you have an issue or concern, or news to report, please contact one of us.


Work is progressing on the new hangar, a private sector investment. It's good to see a building going up for a change! There still seems to be interest in T-hangars at the airport. If you have any interest at all, please let us know, so that we can channel the information to interested parties. Your interests will be treated confidentially, if you wish.


We have received word from the United States Air Museum group that they are planning two events of interest:

June 10-12: Memphis Belle Symposium (details to follow)
40 min. movie of Memphis Belle - every hour

July 21-25: "Gatherings of Eagles 5"
Static display of a B-25, B-17, C-47, J52, C-28 are planned at LNN


The City of Willoughby is looking at adding AWOS capabilities and taxi ways at the airport. The authorization to proceed was tabled at the March 7 Council meeting, along with approval of a second new hangar for a private group. However, Gary Swanson and Fred Fillinger have been addressing City Council and administration officials at Council meetings recently. They also will be discussing the issue with City officials.

Willoughby currently has approximately $800,000 in funds which must be either spent on capital improvements, or in time the funds must be returned to the FAA. The City is favorable to the AWOS system, and any other improvement which enhances safety. The plans for taxi ways (taken from the original airport master plan, and encouraged by the FAA) under consideration are a problem for some Council members, as they provide for taxi way access only to the first 1,000 feet of Rwys 5 and 9 (now served by the north-south taxi way). We agree also, and we plan to work with the City to seek the "best bang for the buck" with these limited funds (such as placing higher priority in taxi ways to the approach ends of Rwys 23 and/or 27).

If anyone has suggestions for what safety improvements the City should fund, please contact us.


The Trustees and Officers meet the first Monday of every month at LNA offices beginning at 5:00 and ending promptly at 6:00. All members are invited to participate.


LNRAA currently has a cash balance of $5,273.36. There are no outstanding obligations.