The Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio

P.O. Box 39233
Solon, Ohio 44139
1-800-729-1980 ext. 8143

The Northeast LPO encompasses the counties of Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula. Our mission is to defend, advance, and restore the cause of liberty to our region and our nation through the political process of building membership, obtaining relations with the media, organizing our infrastructure, and ultimately fielding and running candidates for public offices.

Conservative, Biblical Law

On Tuesday, October 27th, Pastor Ernie Sanders adressed our general meeting. His topic was about restoring Biblical Law to Western Civilization, beginning with America.

Mr. Sanders frequently mentioned that our Constitution was based on Biblical Law presented by God. Even though he failed to submit any evidence or argument that the U.S. Constitution was based on Biblical Law (in fact, the founders limited the fedgov's powers to 18, whereas the Old Testament establishes a law for every imaginable human activity), he expressed his belief that our federal and state governments are illegitimate, because they are not based on the laws he believed were prescribed by God. After opening with a prayer, he mentioned how all governments originated from religion. His interpretation of the Bible was a conservative, and subsequently, he advocated laws against abortion, homosexuality, drug use, and other (some victimless) crimes. According to Mr. Sanders, liberty means living under Biblical Law, and license means living without any legitimate law. Liberty and license are opposites according to Mr. Sanders, and the Surpreme Court is imposing license on America.

Since most attendants at the meeting were libertarian, most of the audience gave strong criticism of his political beliefs. There was a detailed debate over the morality of abortion laws, and concerning other aspects of human life, Mr. Sanders argued that we must erect an absolute standard, or there is chaos. The standard, I pointed out, that libertarians use is natural law, which was the political philosophy of Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Franklin, Rand, Spooner, and the 30,000 members of the Libertarian Party use today, even thousands of non-LP libertarians who respect others, and wish to live free. Which manifests itself as the evidence that in order to achieve liberty, we MUST have religious freedom, including the Separation of Church and State. The founders established this, and its result has been the most religious, moral society within the developed world.

Restore our God-Given Right to Defend Ourselves!

On Tuesday, November 24th, John Trentes will adress the Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio with an issue dear to our hearts - our fundamental and Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. John plans to speak on the issue of concealed carry and specifically what the Prudent Person bill really says and does, and how it compares to Ron Hood's Vermont style bill. More generally, he will speak to the emerging political climate and its anticipated effects on our civil rights.


Our regular monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in Parma, (398-7076) on the corner of Rockside Road (Snow Road) and Broadview Road. From I480 turn south on I77 and get off at the first exit called Rockside. Turn right or west on Rockside, continue for about 2 1/2 miles and Denny's is on the right just after crossing Snow Road. Dinner starts between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, with the speaker starting at 7:00 PM. All of those interested in liberty are welcome.

Also our business meetings on the second Tuesday of the month are held at the same location and time, and are open to all LPO members.

Activist News

On Saturday and Sunday, October 10th and 11th, local Libertarians attended yet another Conrad & Dowdell gun show, which took place at the Medina County Community Center from 9 AM until 5 PM both days. At this outreach event, Libertarians collected signatures for our ballot petitions, and operated our usual Operation Politically Homeless booth - at this one, we handed out a greater amount of National LP and Northeast LPO literature than at any event preceding it. Unfortunately, however, only four activists showed up and operated the booth. They included Keith Donat and Garry Seman from our region, and Tom and Sally Corbett from the East Central Region. We need a greater amount of activists for future events, so PLEASE lend a helping hand in 1999!

On Saturday, October 24th, the Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio has established a new annual event for Libertarians to participate: U.N. Day!

October 24th has been designated as U.N. Day by world powers who aren't even elected. Shortly after the U.N. was established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the U.N. Assembly founded World Cities. Any pre-existing city could declare independence from the nation or state in which it resides, and establish itself as a "World" City to be governed not by state or national laws, but International Law (laws ratified by the United Nations Assembly). This process was termed "Mundelization," and it was prevalent in Richfield, which is located in Summit County. Since the United States of America is not a territory of the World Government, several Libertarians became enraged over this, especially the presence of a U.N. flag erected over "Mundelized" Richfield.

As a result, Libertarians from our region and the East Central Region joined forces to speak out against it, and to burn a U.N. Flag! George Baluk (our region's Chair), Dave Macko, Keith Donat, Mike Salamone, and Stella Salamone (they made this event possible - they deserve hordes of gratitude) attended from our region. Sally Corbett, Tom Corbett, Chet Sutherland (East Central Region's Chair), Mindy Terwilliger, Bob Hart (Summit-Portage County Chair), and Phil Procario (Stark County Chair) attended from the East Central Region. Also, the Ohio Militia was present, along with Norm Ezzi, Robert Skufca, and a few activists from the John Birch Society. Every one had a ball, and we look forward to U.N. Protest 1999!

Coming Outreach Activity

These two dates are important for the Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio, since they are the last outreach events currently scheduled for 1998. They are the Conrad & Dowdell gun shows that we have been attending for this year. Our greatest potential for success lie with the gun community (along with the hemp community), considering that the Libertarian Party is the only political party seriously dedicated to restoring their rights to self-defense and to keep and bear arms. If you've never attended an LP Operation Politically Homeless booth before in your lives, now is the time to support us in our effort to reach out to our greatest prospects! The winter gun shows have the greatest attendance, and there is hardly a more convenient time to educate Americans about libertarianism, the Libertarian Party, and to conduct our state ballot drive for 2000! Call (216)-295-0155, or e-mail today, and make plans to attend!

Don't forget to attend our Bill of Rights Day candelight vigil, which takes place at 7 PM, on the steps of the Courthouse in downtown Cleveland! We need a huge crowd for the media, and we could never have too many present! We must show our "leaders" in government that we won't tolerate desecrations of the Bill of Rights any longer! Mark your calendar and be there!

Currently, we have nothing planned for 1999, but you can bet it will be quite active! We will be attempting to make every gun show and hemp festival we know about. Also, we have our annual events: Tax Day (April 14th), U.N. Day (October 24th), and Bill of Rights Day (December 15th). We are always in need of people willing to introduce and participate for various outreach activity. Anyone interested should call the Northeast LPO's toll-free number at 1-800-729-1980 ext. 8143, or e-mail

The State of Decay

Make sure to tune in every Wednesday, from 3 PM until 5 PM, to WRUW 91.1 FM (Case Western Reserve's Radio Show). During this time, "The State of Decay," airs as Cleveland's most patriotic College radio with libertarian, patriotic host Stella Salamone, along with assistants Michell Wojnar and Mike Salamone. The show plays excellent freedom-loving, hard-core metal and punk music, and adresses various issues including the tyranny of the United Nations, gun control, our Bill of Rights, and other libertarian-patriotic issues. Stella also promotes the Libertarian Party, and would appreciate your support, so inform your friends about the show as well!

For more information, or old events contact the LPNEO at:

George BalukChair(440)-871-5110
Keith DonatNewsletter Editor(216)-295-0155
Rob LoganTreasurer(440)-473-4373
Dave MackoRegional Representative(440)-248-8620
Garry SemanMedia Director(440)-734-8143