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The Friends of Liberty mission is to present Libertarian ideas to Greater Clevelanders so they may encounter, evaluate and when appropriate embrace the ideas of self-government. We are non-political, though we discuss politics and are always looking for new ways to bring Libertarian concepts to Greater Cleveland.

Tell it to Clinton

For all pledge Libertarians, (or join there) please plan to attend the Clinton demonstration planning meeting this Monday the 24th of November @ 7:30pm. We will be meeting at Cricket Photo & Imaging 1579 Brittian Rd. Akron, OH (330) 630-8788. Take Rt 8 south to Howe Rd. Exit and go Left. At third traffic light go right (I think it's Bucholzer) and take it till it ends. Make a left (Home Ave) and go to the next light which is Brittian, turn Right and Cricket will be on the left at the next light. Cricket is in the same shopping center as Buddy's Carpet. Here we will plain our enthusiastic welcome of our country's leader when he comes to Akron December 3! For more information about Friends of Liberty visit or call (440) 248-8620.

More Justice and Injustice

A panel of seven Bureau of Land Management and U.S.Forest Service employees converged on Colville High School October 28 to convince 200 concerned citizens that the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) is a good idea. "If all of us decide that we don't want this, will you stop?" an elderly man asked. Literal interpretation of Middaugh's reply is that public opinion does not matter, the ICBEMP will not be put to a vote and that the project, which encompasses all of eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, all of Idaho, western Montana and pieces of Nevada, Wyoming and Utah (an area larger than the state of California) will go forward regardless that most people oppose federal control. A show of hands indicated that 90 percent of those in attendance were opposed to the project. Those in favor did not raise their hands.

The Supreme Court refused to reinstate the drug convictions of a Maryland man who was asked by police if he used drugs without first being warned of his right to remain silent. They also let stand a ruling that public school officials did not violate clearly established constitutional privacy rights by twice strip-searching two girls in the second grade.

One normally associates earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and floods with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Now you can add hungry and homeless to FEMA's list. You might recall President Clinton drawing fire in Congress for quickly dispensing federal disaster-relief funds for less-essential "disasters," such as replacing blown-down trees on golf courses and repairing golf-cart paths. FEMA countered that such expenditures were authorized not by the golf-loving Mr. Clinton, but by Congress in 1974, when it allowed that any publicly owned park or recreation facility qualified for disaster-relief funds. Which is the same answer we were given yesterday when inquiring about $100 million dispensed by FEMA to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in 1998. FEMA says it's the 15th year Congress has appropriated funds for such "non-disaster" emergency needs.

A former nurse who held police in Roby, Ill., at bay for 39 days was shot when she stepped outside her rural home to cut the wire of a surveillance camera concealed in a bucket on her deck. Police estimated that the siege cost taxpayers upwards of $20,000 a day -- or about half a million dollars. The standoff started on Sept. 22, when the local sheriff showed up at Allen's door to take her to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, and she defended herself.

The FBI said that a 16-month probe into the TWA 800 crash had turned up no evidence that a criminal act brought down the jumbo jet. Kallstrom said the investigation, which cost between $14 and $20 million. This non-criminal act has been the excuse for bureaucrats to initiate new laws that limit our privacy.

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