The Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio

P.O. Box 39233
Solon, Ohio 44139
1-800-729-1980 ext. 8143

The Northeast LPO encompasses the counties of Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula. Our mission is to defend, advance, and restore the cause of liberty to our region and our nation through the political process of building membership, obtaining relations with the media, organizing our infrastructure, and ultimately fielding and running candidates for public offices.

Secure your Inheritance from Government Siezure!

On Tuesday, February 23rd, our meeting was adressed by Tax Accountant Paul Scudiere, who made sure to inform us how to keep our money upon death or disablement from getting in the wrong hands, especially the Government. In determining where their money is transferred after disability and/or death, people don't plan to fail, but they DO fail to plan. If you care about your loved ones, you must prevent your money from falling into the clutches of the State or the federal government!

In securing guardianship over family members who become disabled, one must spend countless hours and painstaking harassment through Probate Court, unless appropriate steps are taken. Otherwise, disabled persons risk becoming wards of the State! The best prescription for securing guardianship in the hands of loved ones, such as yourself, is to obtain a durable Power of Attorney.

When planning to retire from the Earth, so to speak, you are STRONGLY ADVISED to create a specific will, or the State or the fedgov may actually sieze ALL of your assets transferrable upon death, or they may end up in another individual's hands whom you wish not to be involved. When a spouse is involved, it is heavily recommended that you obtain a Joint Survivorship will, since it is virtually unpredictable which spouse will pass away first.

Inheritance assets, whether in the form of Gifts (living inheritances) or Estates (post mortem inheritances), are heavily taxed, since all levels of government view the transfer of assets not as a right, but a privelege (as all rights are viewed by government). For those who value privacy (I hope all reading this information value it sacredly), without the proper procedures, the public is permitted to access all of your assets upon death as well! It is crucial that, if you want to protect your transferrable assets upon death from massive taxation, public access, and the rigors of Probate Court, you should definitely place your assets in a Trust. For maximum legal protection, a Fiduciary is the most powerful contract that exists, and the most secure in which to place your transferrable assets. All estates should also contain Liquidity.

There is far greater detail to the lecture that Mr. Scudiere presented to the Northeast Region of the Libertarian Party. We have an enormously complicated tax code, with massive arrangments for tax "credits" and other confusing legal arrangments often used to catch taxpayers out of compliance. Since 1982, there have been several tax credits, but no tax REDUCTION. These legal hindrances for disability, inheritance, and other forms of wealth by virtue of diverse taxation methods, are REALITY. Make sure to WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN if you want to witness their change.

Build a Strong LP!

On Tuesday, March 23rd, our state chair Jim Babka will discuss the progress that the LPO has made throughout 1998, and what we must do in order to continue to grow, establishing a greater membership and running effective campaigns. Mr. Babka is also running for another term as our state chair.


Our regular monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in Parma, (398-7076) on the corner of Rockside Road (Snow Road) and Broadview Road. From I480 turn south on I77 and get off at the first exit called Rockside. Turn right or west on Rockside, continue for about 2 1/2 miles and Denny's is on the right just after crossing Snow Road. Dinner starts between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, with the speaker starting at 7:00 PM. All of those interested in liberty are welcome.

Business Meeting

Our next Business Meetings takes place Tuesday, March 9th, and Tuesday, April 13th, at Denny's. Dinner begins at 6 PM, and the meeting is brought to order at 7 PM. The Business meeting is always held on the second Tuesday of every month. All members in the Northeast Region of the LPO are welcome to attend and vote on the various items of our monthly agenda.

For the April 13th business meeting, we will hold our annual elections for Chair, Regional Representative, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as the confirmation for appointment for various offices. Every LP member residing in the Northeast Region of the LPO is entitled to a vote, so BE THERE!

For more information, or old events contact the LPNEO at:

George BalukChair(440)-871-5110
Keith DonatProgram Director(216)-295-0155
Rob LoganTreasurer(440)-473-4373
Dave MackoRegional Representative(440)-248-8620
Garry SemanMedia Director(440)-734-8143