The Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio

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Solon, Ohio 44139
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The Northeast LPO encompasses the counties of Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula. Our mission is to defend, advance, and restore the cause of liberty to our region and our nation through the political process of building membership, obtaining relations with the media, organizing our infrastructure, and ultimately fielding and running candidates for public offices.

Libertarians and Reasoning

On Tuesday, March 26th, our meeting was adressed by Dr. Gordon Brumm, who is chair of The Committee for the Fourth "R" - an organization that studies and discusses the characteristics and benefits of Reason, and our societies' lack of it. Dr. Brumm began his speech by stressing that he is NOT a libertarian, but also admires libertarians for initiating the attempt to at least understand and harness the qualities of reason in their analysis of the issues, and our world at large.

Dr. Brumm mentioned that libertarians, however, don't understand reason under the same reasons why the vast majority of our populace doesn't understand it. Schools (especially government schools) don't even discuss the issue (in fact, the process of reasoning is not even a subject in today's government schools), and school staff don't even approach a particular philosophy. If you inquired of a local school's Superintendent what reasoning methods they wield, you would recieve no answer, except perhaps a stuttering spectacle.

Dr. Brumm also contained his share of discontent with libertarianism for asserting these arguments:

After his speech, the libertarian attendants debated Dr. Brumm about his non-libertarian beliefs, especially his ironic faith in the government schools, and that every individual child should be forced to acquire a factory-like education, regardless of their parents' wishes. Of course, libertarianism supports the Separation of School and State, especially since our nation originated without government schools at any level, and held a 96 percent literacy rate (the highest in the world at the time).

Down With the Remocrat Depublicans!

On June 23rd, John Michell of the Reform Party will adress our meeting about the two-party monopoly in the United States, which actually leaves voters with no choice. Mr. Michell is the Reform Party candidate for governor, and is currently seeking support from those interested in his campaign.


Our regular monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in Parma, (398-7076) on the corner of Rockside Road (Snow Road) and Broadview Road. From I480 turn south on I77 and get off at the first exit called Rockside. Turn right or west on Rockside, continue for about 2 1/2 miles and Denny's is on the right just after crossing Snow Road. Dinner starts between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, with the speaker starting at 7:00 PM. All of those interested in liberty are welcome.

Also our business meetings on the second Tuesday of the month are held at the same location and time, and are open to all LPO members.

Coming Outreach Activity

During the weekend of June 27th through June 28th, there are two outreach events for which we desperately need volunteers now. These are usually rather sizeable, and we will use them for information about the Libertarian Party, and to gather signatures for our ballot drive.

One event is a gun show, which will occur in Medina, at the Medina County Community Center, from morning until afternoon. To attend, or for more information, call (440)-734-8163. The other event is the annual Freedom Festival, taking place in Tuscarawas County (just south of Canton). This event will be sponsored by NORML, and should last through the entire weekend. To attend, or for more information, call (330)-928-6348.

Please remember that we are always looking for ideas and suggestions as well. We are eager to get the Libertarian message out to the masses, so we don't want to miss any other potential outreach events. If anyone has any leads, please call our toll-free number: 1-800-729-1980 ext. 8143.

For more information, or old events contact the LPNEO at:

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