The Libertarian Party of Northeast Ohio

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The Northeast LPO encompasses the counties of Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula. Our mission is to defend, advance, and restore the cause of liberty to our region and our nation through the political process of building membership, obtaining relations with the media, organizing our infrastructure, and ultimately fielding and running candidates for public offices.

Left-Right Spectrum and the "Founders"

On Tuesday, January 26th, our meeting was adressed by former State Representative and 1998 Republican candidate for Cuyahoga County Auditor, Mike Wise. Mike Wise noted that he was a graduate of Grove City College - an extremely conservative educational facility. During his term as State Representative, he has worked to implement anti-tax, pro-gun, and anti-abortion legislation through the Ohio General Assembly. He has also encouraged vouchers and tax credits as a means toward getting the government out of education.

He claimed that he had looked forward to speaking to a libertarian audience, because he obviously had several bones to pick with us. First, he stated that libertarianism doesn't exist on the political radar right now, because the left-right spectrum dominates politics to day, according to Mike. He claimed that there will always be a left-right spectrum in politics, and ONLY a left-right spectrum, so libertarians don't have a prayer in getting their message and philosophy out to the American people. Also, he claimed that the "founders' intentions" were not libertarian, but were authoritarian conservative, especially in the areas of sexual regulations, drug laws, and artistic "obscenity" In other words, he wondered what libertarians were trying to pull, and suggested that if we want to make changes through politics, we would have to become conservatives.

On the positive side, he supported Constitutional limitations on the federal government, and a return to the principle of States' Rights, which wouldn't protect individual rights from the State, but would protect them from the federal government and world imperial bodies, such as the United Nations. The three principles he vowed to stand for if elected to office were: opposition to tax increases, opposition of federal mandates, and when possible, local control rather than federal control. Mike Wise has correctly stated that the Constitution did not interfere with states very much, but did interfere with the federal government, and that principle should be followed.

However, many of Mike's comments caused a justifyably hostile reaction from libertarians. He claimed to represent the founders' intentions, but the founders were a contentious lot who hardly agreed on any one thing, and in fact, were unique individuals - not one person, and some were quite liberal. Also, Mike could not defend his views with the Ohio Constitution, and claimed that the federal Constution was ruled as a "living, changing" one that really did not limit the federal government after all. Most notably, Mike Wise promoted the ultimate right of government to control their citizens, and claimed that God in the Bible gave human government the authority to use coercive violence to implement God's "laws," obviously demonstrating his great gullibility to the fact that power corrupts, and men in government have ALWAYS, and ALWAYS WILL, abuse their power for themselves and to enslave their subjects.

The greatest disturbance of the evening was that Mike completely rejected the philosophy of freedom, even liberalism, by expressing, in so many words, that the power, authority, and mighty force of government should be administered to impose traditional Western, Christian society on America. But he still has not reinforced his authoritarian conservative views with the Ohio Constitution, which one member pointed out, strongly debunks his philosophy. We will be requesting Mike Wise to return so he can discuss the Ohio Constitution with libertarians, and exactly what powers it grants to the State government.

Keep More of your Own Money

On Tuesday, February 23rd, our meeting will be adressed by tax accountant Paul Scudiere. He will give the Northeast LPO a lecture on the present tax code, and how to take advantage of exemptions and other benefits, so you may retrieve the greatest amount amount possible, without surrendering your money to the IRS.


Our regular monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in Parma, (398-7076) on the corner of Rockside Road (Snow Road) and Broadview Road. From I480 turn south on I77 and get off at the first exit called Rockside. Turn right or west on Rockside, continue for about 2 1/2 miles and Denny's is on the right just after crossing Snow Road. Dinner starts between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, with the speaker starting at 7:00 PM. All of those interested in liberty are welcome.

Business Meeting

Our next Business Meeting takes place Tuesday, March 9th at Denny's. Dinner begins at 6 PM, and the meeting is brought to order at 7 PM. The Business meeting is always held on the second Tuesday of every month. All members in the Northeast Region of the LPO are welcome to attend and vote on the various items of our monthly agenda.

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