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The Friends of Liberty mission is to present Libertarian ideas to Greater Clevelanders so they may encounter, evaluate and when appropriate embrace the ideas of self-government. We are non-political, though we discuss politics and are always looking for new ways to bring Libertarian concepts to Greater Clevelanders.


On July 28th Dave Krug from Hempfield explained how we are winning the war of common sense. With Ralph Lauren, Mercedes and Adidas all using hemp in their products the public acceptance of the product is growing. 22 states currently have favorable legi slation or something pending. In fact, Dave just received the largest shipment of hemp seeds in US history for his runaway success, Hemp-Java! He brought a thermos filled with it and offered samples to all.


Don Gallick will address the Aug 25th Friends of Liberty meeting to discuss the 1,052 signed petition sent to the Athens County Prosecutor on June 5th, demanding that SECO be disbanded. The petition accused SECO of targeting "poor and defenseles s citizens," and using "excessive and reckless tactics" in "violent and brazen raids." Singled out for special criticism were the black hoods that SECO agents used during their late-night "no-knock" drug raids. County law enforcement officials admitted th at SECO agents wore black hoods, but said they were needed to protect the identity of undercover agents. They also admitted that "no-knock" raids were routinely used, but said such "dynamic entry" methods were required to protect the safety of police offi cers.

Don't miss Don on Aug 25th at Denny's restaurant, 1600 Snow Road (398-7076). Get off I77 at Rockside, turn west on Rockside, continue for about 2 1/2 miles and Denny's is on the right. Dinner is from 6PM to 7PM, and the speaker starts at 7PM. F or more information about Friends of Liberty visit or call (216) 248-8620.

More Justice and Injustice

CAMP PENDLETON -- Base officials say they fully support a Marine whom Texas officials want to charge with murder in the May 20 shooting death of a Texas teen-ager during an anti-drug surveillance mission. The Texas Rangers, who investigated the shootin g of Ezequiel Hernandez, 18, told a Texas newspaper they would seek a murder charge against Cpl. Clemente Banuelos, the leader of a Marine fire team that reported Hernandez fired twice at them and raised his rifle for a third shot before Banuelos shot onc e. Banuelos, a three-year Marine Corps veteran, and the three men in his fire team were part of a 56-member contingent from the 5th Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, an artillery unit, sent to Texas to aid the U.S. Border Patrol in surveillance of a drug-t rafficking route along the border with Mexico near Redford, Texas, about 280 miles southeast of El Paso.

President Bill Clinton and Republican Congressional leaders hailed the five-year budget agreement. The deal -- which they called "historic" because the surging economy may generate enough tax revenue to almost balance the budget -- includes $140 billio n in narrowly targeted tax credits, $50 billion in tax increases, and a federal budget that grows from $1.68 trillion in 1998 to a whopping $1.9 trillion by the year 2002.

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