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The XO laptop has 16+ grayscale 900x1200 screen
that looks great in direct sunlight. but in maderate light epaper has
much more contrast. When one turnes on the backlighting the screen is
more like 800x600 and still not as sharp as front lit epaper. (but  in
color) The pdf viewer, web browser and wifi all work extreamly well, all
with unlimited zooming and great AA fonts but much slower than one is
use to. Here are some screen shots:

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430K Dec 19 21:05 xo-screen-5585.jpg

233K Dec 19 21:05 xo-screen-5584.jpg

434K Dec 19 21:04 xo-screen-5583.jpg

878K Dec 19 21:03 xo-screen-5580.jpg

458K Dec 19 17:09 xo_epaper-reader-5573.jpg

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