Rob's /lancair/2005.06/ Image Archive

Tossed Bird Cam in the plane. These movies are 1280x1024 10fps with no sound in H.264 format requiring a 1.8GHz or better computer with Quick Time 7 for windows.

Taxi at 10.3Meg or 19.1Meg or 37.2Meg
Poor focus Take off at 12.5Meg
around some clouds at 32.4Meg
a roll at 15Meg
a formation at 26Meg

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823K Jun 25 17:30 PICT2674.jpg

302K Jun 25 15:57 PICT2671.jpg

464K Jun 25 15:55 PICT2668.jpg

369K Jun 25 15:51 PICT2666.jpg

564K Jun 25 15:33 PICT2665.jpg

913K Jun 25 15:33 PICT2664.jpg

263K Jun 18 09:56 PICT0002.jpg

428K Jun 15 18:23 PICT2659.jpg

71K Jun 6 18:57 PICT2650.jpg

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