Rob's /lancair/2002.SnF/ Image Archive introduced a panel mounted pulse
demand oxygen system. introduced a pulse demand oxygen system
where you set the desired saturation. had a Dual Rotor Vacuum Pump solar turbine in the m500. They 
also bought all the m500 tooling. Dennis F is back in the states
living in CA. EFIS
The blower in Rick's legacy is very impressive introduced a partnership with
our Kirk for geo SV weather. (I don't think
they have a working antenna yet and I prefer:)
geo SV weather that is currently flying now. (only the 
east cost SV stream is currently on, with the west coast
SV coming on line soon.) the money from their sale to WSI
will do nothing but good.
will introduce software version 4.0 that doubles the
resolution of the ground data requiring a memory upgrade
to the current hardware.. I wasn't able to figure out if the
140 capstone units would be existing hardware or the new
smaller footprint version Brent and Hamid are working on.
But it is clear that crossbow is the new AHARS of choice.
(without delta Z)

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158K Apr 17 2002 mh.jpg

360K Apr 14 2002 Untitled-1.jpg

268K Apr 14 2002 P4122896.jpg

188K Apr 14 2002 P4122886.jpg

322K Apr 14 2002 P4122885.jpg

327K Apr 14 2002 P4122884.jpg

262K Apr 14 2002 P4122883.jpg

261K Apr 14 2002 P4122881.jpg

245K Apr 14 2002 P4122880.jpg

260K Apr 14 2002 P4122879.jpg

268K Apr 14 2002 P4122878.jpg

336K Apr 14 2002 P4122877.jpg

325K Apr 14 2002 P4122876.jpg

105K Apr 14 2002 P4122875.jpg

309K Apr 14 2002 P4122874.jpg

381K Apr 14 2002 P4122872.jpg

149K Apr 14 2002 P4122871.jpg

291K Apr 14 2002 P4122870.jpg

221K Apr 14 2002 P4122869.jpg

192K Apr 14 2002 P4122868.jpg

127K Apr 14 2002 P4122867.jpg

171K Apr 14 2002 P4122865.jpg

263K Apr 14 2002 P4122864.jpg

186K Apr 14 2002 P4122863.jpg

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