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I need some help.. I'm trying to build a third gas tank in my L2K.

  • Do you have any photos of your fuel selector valve installation you can send me? I'm pretty sure I wanta keep the valve low, but I can't visualize if I can put it on the other side of the spar and wet the hole center section.. this would also make it easier to put flapper gates in to keep fuel in the center but I'm not sure I can make the corner to put the selector in the center console..

  • Do you have any photos of how close your leg's calf is to the floor board? I'm pretty sure I can box in that spot under one's knee caps, but I don't know how high I can extend it down one's leg without getting in the way of the pedals and one's calf.
    5/1 3 hours inspection panels finished
    5/3 2 hours design and plan of tank vent
    5/5 8 hours templates to moc up tank
    5/6 8 hours make parts from 1/4" prepreg, fit and install, cross tubes
    5/7 8.5 hours finishing tank
    5/9 4 hours tank valve area
    5/10 4 hours sand
    5/11 2 hours valve box
    5/13 6.5 hours valve box and bid tank
    5/14 6.5 hours valve box big spar
    5/15 3 hours center vent
    5/16 6.5 hours cap strips
    5/17 5 hours cap strips
    5/18 7 hours bought flair tool, nylon wire ties, small clasps to attach wire ties and worked on cap strips
    5/19 11 hours super saterday, plumbed static lines
    5/20 6 hours cross out valve box and worked on fill cap
    5/21 6 hours release on cap strips center fuselage
    5/22 5 hours cap strip work
    5/23 6 hours picked up hydraulic hose and drilled bulkheads
    5/24 6 hours bids on close out, picked up fitting
    5/25 5 hours hydraulic and fuel work
    5/26 6 hours hydraulic & fuel work
    5/27 1.5 hours remove gear and plan for wing flap and aileron work
    5/29 6 hours setup wing table and removed right gear
    5/30 2 hours fair wing
    5/31 8 hours picked up fitting and worked on tail cap strip

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    169K May 17 2001 im000188.jpg

    208K May 17 2001 im000187.jpg

    320K May 17 2001 p5140711.jpg

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