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09-30-2004 - Grandmas with fishnet stockings will get extra bonus points in the final judging. - Fremin

09-28-2004 - Nvidia 6800 Contest back online.  Visit our community forums to get back into the action. Remember to mention where you got this information  - Fremin

09-27-2004 - Small company creates future graphics architecture that HardwareAcceleratedSucks.com uses  - Fremin

09-30-2004 - I recently got my pubes waxed and have to say that it itches more than I thought it would.  Stop on by the community forums and discuss it with a friend  - Fremin

09-28-2004 - Please visit the community forums and post how much of an ass I've been throughout this entire contest  - Fremin

09-27-2004 - I decided to get a penis enlargement.  Please visit the community forums and talk about it.-  Fremin





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