CAP Unit Commanders Guide

Recurring Reports and Actions


Requirement: Annually by 1 October or with change in command

Financial documents describe who can authorize payments, and your estimated budget (income and expenses).

Unit budget This is your estimate of funds in and out of the unit for the year. Show what you think will be occurring in your unit. It is only your best estimate. Your finance committee must review this vs. your wing banker statement once per quarter. Budget Template
Finance Committee Appointment Letter This appoints your finance officer and two other persons. Everyone on the committee needs to sign this since it is used to verify signatures at Ohio Wing. For the annual appointment, it must be dated in September. Appointment Letter Template
CAPF 172 This form sets the dollar amount that can be signed by you without your committee approval. It also notes whether you have credit cards, or have recurring expenses (e.g., rent). CAPF 172 Template
CAPF 171 This is done in eServices. You accept that all funds are on deposit with wing and that you are not holding any other accounts. This form is only appears on the Commander's Corner. Link to CAPF171

Guiding Finance document is the 173-series of CAP regulations.

Logistics and Operational Resource Management System (ORMS)

Requirement: Annual Inventory by 31 December or with change in command

Inventory is done in eServices. There are separate inventory sections that may apply to your unit: Aircraft, Communications Gear, Supplies and Equipment, Real Property, Vehicles.

Aerospace Education (AE)

Requirement: AE POA and Activity Report - Annually by 5 January

AE Plan of Action (POA) Report is on page 27 of CAPP 15 Reports are uploaded on the AE POA Page
AE Annual Activity Report Report is on page 33-37 of CAPP 15. Report is emailed to the Ohio Wing AE Officer, Lt.Col. Marilyn Shanks.

Public Affairs (PA)

Requirement: Annually but 1 January

Resources and templates are on the PAO Toolkit Page

CAPR190-1, Public Affairs Program is found in the CAP Regulations Listing.

Monthly Safety Briefings

Requirement: Monthly

Every CAP unit must conduct a Safety Briefing once per month and log this in eServices Safety Education Completions per CAPR 62-1.

Annual Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity (EO) Briefing

Requirment: Annually

The commander must brief each member of their unit on the CAP Non-Discrimination Policy, per CAPR 36-1.
See the 2016 Ohio Wing Policy.
Also, here's an sample annual memo for distribution.

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